“Having known Michael since our playing days in the NFL, he has competed, performed and succeeded at the highest level. Since then, Michael has taken his experience and expertise to carefully craft a plan that will help anyone looking to get professional instruction in the kicking game.” – Martin Mayhew, Sr. Vice President, General Manager, Detroit Lions, and 8 Year NFL Player

“Michael was my kicker when I was coaching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Special Teams. He is very knowledgeable in becoming as good as you possibly can. He was an extremely hard worker and dedicated to his kicking both on the field and in the weight room. Michael developed into one of the best kick off guys in the NFL. He will be an asset to anyone that has the desire to improve their talent level when it comes to kicking. He knows what it takes both physically and mentally.”- Joe Marciano, Houston Texans

"Michael Husted was one of the most prolific, competitive and most respected kickers to have performed in the NFL. Michael is a basic, fundamental teacher. Having had an opportunity to observe him, I can say with honest sincerity and great enthusiasm how impressed I was with the way he conducted himself with each student/client. He can put into words, the “picture” the student needs to “see” in order to gain success as the kicker works through his progression. Having experienced the struggles all kickers seem to fight through from time to time, Michael can intelligently guide his students through those “land mines” to safety and success. He has a quiet, but intense approach to teaching the part of the game he loves and appreciates. He is the consummate student of his craft and is a tremendously effective instructor!" – Mike Stock, Retired NFL Special Teams Coordinator

"Michael Husted is an outstanding Kicking coach. After meeting Michael & exchanging coaching philosophies, I believe he has helped me take my Rugby kicking coaching to a new level. I am privilege to say he is a great mentor. Mike’s knowledge of Kicking is second to none, with a very simple approach. I would highly recommend Husted Kicking to anyone wanting to get professional coaching at any level." - Damien Hill - Australian Rugby Union National Kicking Coach

"Michael has been a positive influence in my life ever since we first met whilst I was in college. Through the years not only have I leaned on him for instruction and my approach to football, but also for advice when it came to life outside of the game. 
He's method of coaching centers around key fundamentals coupled with sound biomechanics to produce your best whilst under pressure.  Having the instruction of a long time veteran of the NFL was instrumental in my preparation for professional footballI and continues to benefit me to this day. I feel very blessed to count him as one of my closest friends."  - Matt McBriar, NFL Punter, Pittsburg Steelers

"Michael is one of the best in the business. He has helped me out a ton over the years. He's a great coach who also played in the NFL, a unique combo. He understands the demands of kicking at the highest level and provides great feedback which allows me to continue to do what I love." - Billy Cundiff, NFL Kicker, Cleveland Browns

"Michael is an outstanding coach as well as role model for young men interested in developing into outstanding kickers or punters. He truly understands the high school, college and NFL process, and he has perhaps the most exceptional set of relationships of anyone across the football kicking universe. His instructional approach with kids is thoughtful and encouraging, and his use of technology to support his on-field instruction further enhances his unique insights and experience with the game at various levels. I cannot recommend Michael highly enough to other parents investing their time and money as well as their sons kicking/punting future with a specific kicking/punting coach." - John Schmid, Parent

"My son has been coached or more accurately put, "mentored" by Michael Husted since 2006.  Michael first helped my son develop into a good high school kicker, then into a good college kicker. I don't think they're are many coaches that can effectively teach young boys as well as elite professionals. Over the last 5 years Michael has taught my son how to focus on the big picture of D1 football as well as the details of growing up. Michael is helping develop my son as an athlete in addition to counseling him with character building skills." - Doug Miller, Parent

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Michael Husted
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