Husted Kicking Weekend Training Mini Camp
Summer 2016
July 9 - July 10, 2016

Michael HustedDarren Bennett, Mitch Palmer and David Brader will be coaching and evaluating at this weekend camp.  For Pro Free Agents, with NFL teams in training camp, this will serve as an updated workout.  For College Specialists, this will help you prepare for the upcoming season as well as allow you to see how you compare to Free Agents.  

We will chart both days with video that will be added to your profile.  We will send the results for Free Agents out to all of the NFL teams.  Afterward, we will provide feed back and suggestions.  

We will also be offering 3D Motion capturing of your technique. 

This new technology capture's and provides analysis by using 12 cameras at 360 fps, which includes several takes of your movement plus a sport specific functional screen. You will then have this data analyzed by a kinesiologist. A custom, data-driven report will be generated and emailed to you showing important parameters, including joint angles, velocities, center of mass height, etc.

You can find more details HERE.
Husted Kicking Evaluation of  NFL Prospects and College Specialists

* Two days of charting and evaluations
*Video from Saturday and Sunday posted online
* Professional feedback of technique to improve performance 

This kicking camp is open to College Specialists and all Pro Free Agents.

The benefits of attending this kicking mini camp: 

  • Receiving professional instruction
  • Honest assessment of skill level
  • Game plan for peak performance
  • Valuable consultation on what it takes to perform at a high level and position yourself for opportunities and success


$250 for the mini-camp charting and video
$150 for the 3D capture and analysis 


DS-Merrill Douglas Stadium, San Diego Mesa College
Mesa College Drive, San Diego, CA, 92111

Hotel info coming soon

For more information about the event please call Michael Husted at 858.205.9256

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