Strength and Conditioning Coach, Cameron Trickey

With over 25 years of experience and a very comprehensive array of specialties  As a former pro athlete and having a Father whom was an Olympic swimmer, I grew up around whole food nutrition and a very healthy lifestyle dedicated to achieving optimal health. I was helping my friends with good healthy advice, treating their injuries, feeding them healthy treats and learning as much as could about strengthening my body inside and out.

I was blessed to have played Australian rules football as a pro at 17  and began coaching and personal training  shortly after. While playing pro football, I surrounded myself with some of the leading trainers and nutritional professionals that incorporated , whole food eating, anti-aging, weight training, boxing and progressed into more advanced training and education in the health and wellness field. It was a blessing growing up playing Australian rules football.

The world’s most unique, athletic, aerobic and physical games demands everyone to be able to bounce a oval shaped ball every 10 steps, handball or punch the ball with both hands, kick the ball on the run with both feet, run around 8 miles a game, 26 games a year. Being equally balanced and stable on both sides of the body was critical to survive in this game. It developed me tremendously in so many athletic ways.

Through my extensive exposure to this at a young age and variety of Medical, Integrative and Holistic practitioners, I was taught the amazing ability of the body to restore itself given the correct nutrition and environment.

I have many qualifications over the 25 years that include many studies in Australia with the National Strength and training Board, Several Health and Nutritional Qualifications, along with A take Shape For Life Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Trx Cert, X-Iser Cert, FMS (Functional Movement Screening) Positive Coaching Alliance, CPR, Bulgarian Bag Training, Indo Board, Swiss Ball and Bosu Ball certifications.

At 46, I have experienced and tested so many types of training with many great coaches and trainers. Depending on where you at with your health, a healthy diet with the foundation of whole foods are vital to achieve optimal health, along with a correct exercise training plan. We are constantly being bombarded with information constantly changing about what we should eat, drink, what supplements to take and how to train.

Most of us just don't know what is right from wrong and a whole lot of time can be saved. Through education, my motivation, encouragement, coaching and  personal training i can empower you reach your health and athletic potential.. I have a great team of people and resources I work with that I have many years of trust and integrity that will also help you.

Having been in the fitness industry since 1986. During my tenure as a fitness specialist and nutritional consultant, I have acquired an extensive background in exercise physiology, bio-mechanics  and nutrition.

My specialties include a gifted understanding of how our body functions, performs, how to develop optimal performance, core strengthening, functional training, high-intensity interval training, and sports-specific training. My tailored fitness programs are designed to optimize performance and maximize results in a safe and effective manner. My passion and professional guidance will help you achieve your specialized fitness goals.

With over 25 years of experience and over 40,000 sessions, I've achieved much success working with a diverse group of clients, whose ages range from 12 to 87. My background working with many pro athletes in many sports, including the NFL, Pro Surfing Tour, Wimbledon Tennis, PGA Golf Pros, MMA and many others will give you the edge you need.

When you are in great physical shape, you feel upbeat, more efficient, and able to handle life's challenges. The big question is how to get there. As your trainer, my job is to figure out what will work best for you.

I'll make your goal "our goal" – so let's get to work.

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